Joe Bongio the Magician

"Magic Entertainment for all Occasions and Ages."

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EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE-Magician Joe Bongio of West Springfield...

About the Magician - Joe Bongio is a past president of the Society of American Magicians and current member. This award-winning magician has performed magic for over 20 years professionally. He has performed at the Eastern States Exposition, Agawam's First Night Celebration, Massachusetts Arts Lottery Commission, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Chicopee Recreation Department and Mattoon Street Festival. He has performed at hundreds of libraries, schools, restaurants, private parties and special occasions.

Most shows are family entertainment oriented with elements of magic to that will mystify children and adults alike. These shows can also be tailored to specific audience groups such as school children, elderly homes, and mature adult settings including business related functions and organizations.

Magic entertainment occasions range from the common Children's Birthday Parties and also including Company Outings, Christmas/Halloween Holiday Parties, Business Trade Shows, Happy Hours, Festivals and Fairs. Whatever the occasion magic entertainment can add to make it a truly memorable event!

ALL SHOWS - Contain a variety of magic effects presented in a mix of entertaining styles including segments set to music, classic magic, comedy magic, and participation and fun with audience volunteers. If the event is to honor a special person there is always some good fun that can be magically worked into the show involving that very same special person (just point them out in advance please). Show contents are very flexible and performance details can be discussed via phone or in person prior to booking the show.

Large Stage Shows - Stage illusions including classic magic effects such as Sword Box, Floating Objects, Appearance/Vanishes, and Spectator Sawed In-Half (comedy version), live animals and much more!

Halls, Clubs, Banquets, and Indoors Social Gatherings - This would make use of smaller props and effects. Some of the many items would include silks and bottles disappearing and reappearing, milk vanishing in into a newspaper, torn and restored newspaper, live animals. Based on room or hall size and conditions some large show illusions can be performed.

House Parties -These are often Children's Birthdays but can be for any family gathering or special occasion. These small quaint group settings allow for a special blend of "Close Up and "Small Hall" type magic to be performed. Silk production and disappearance, needle through a balloon without popping it, water vanishing, cut and restored rope, and even a live rabbit magically appearing to conclude the show are just some of the possibilities. A child never forgets the birthday in which a magician makes a rabbit appear for them!

Restaurants, Trade Shows, Happy Hours -Known as "Walk Around Magic or Close Up Magic" in which the magic is done with ordinary objects such as coins, cards, balls, rope, handkerchief or a drinking glass and is performed up close to you! The slight of hand is both entertaining and technically dazzling to watch. This approach allows the magic to be mobile and mingle with the guests or patrons thus providing brief entertainment segments before moving on to entertain others.

Work Shops -This is a miniature close-up magic show and teaching/learning experience designed for mostly children of 7 to 10 years of age. This is for small groups of 12 or less and is aimed at giving those involved not only a few magic tricks to perform and perfect but also an appreciation of the art of magic. This means an understanding of a magic technique, presentation style, communication patter with the audience, and an inside look at the creativity responsible for fooling the eyes and mind. Ordinary objects such as coins, napkins and rubber bands are used.

Balloon Animal Sculptures - Not really magic, but tell that to young ones who get very excited while waiting for the magician to make a balloon animal of their choice. These are great party favors and a nice add-on to the house party magic show entertainment.